Glossary of Omicron Alumni Association Terms

Active Member — an undergraduate member of the chapter who is in good standing; this terminology, while traditional, is deprecated by the General Fraternity.

A.D. White Leadership Conference — Also known as the A.D. White Greek Leadership Summit and other names. An annual campus-wide conference for chapter officers and alumni volunteers, held in the autumn as of 2015.

AIFC — the Alumni Interfraternity Council, an independent federation of the alumni associations of the NIC fraternities at Cornell.

Alumni Advisory Board — An organization of alumni volunteers who seek to improve the operations of the undergraduate chapter and the fraternal experience for all brother, appointed by the High Pi.

APAC — the Alumnae Panhellenic Advisory Council, an independent federaton of the alumnae associations of the NPC sororities at Cornell.

Alumni Member — a member of Lambda Chi Alpha who has completed his undergraduate education and is not paying dues as an undergraduate member of the fraternity.

Annual Meeting — see General Meeting.

Associate Member — a member who has joined Lambda Chi Alpha but has not been fully initiated. The term "pledge" is not used to refer to a new member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Board — The board of directors of a corporation; boards associated with the chapter include those of ISWZA Fraternity, the Omicron Alumni Association, and the Edgemoor Leadership Foundation. 2) The Alumni Advisory Board.

Board Meeting — Any meeting of the board of directors of ISWZA Fraternity. This includes the spring meeting, the Homecoming meeting, and any conference calls or other duly called meetings in between. Directors are required to participate in all meetings of the board.

CALC — The Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference, a weekend leadership and networking event for everyone involved with Cornell alumni relations, held in January in an East Coast city. An expansion of what had been the Cornell Association of Class Officers Conference.

CCE — Creating Chapters of Excellence, an OFSIL-sponsored aimed at promoting high chapter performance and educational and 
cultural programming within the community.

Conclave — a region of Lambda Chi Alpha in North America, and an annual leadership conference within each region, usually early in the spring semester.

Constitution and Statutory Code — the documents that contains the international laws, policies, and resolutions of Lambda Chi Alpha, as enacted by the General Assembly.

Educational Foundation — 1. Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation Inc., an independent non-profit corporation which supports scholarship and leadership and educational programs for Lambda Chi Alpha throughout the United States. 2. ELF.

Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) - In earlier generations known as the National Consultant and as the Traveling Secretary, the ELC is a staff member of the General Fraternity who visits the zetas in a region of the country to provide support to the chapter officers and report on adherence to Lambda Chi Alpha policies.

ELF — Edgemoor Leadership Foundation, an independent non-profit corporation set up to advance educational and leadership advancement for the members of Omicron Zeta and others. 

Exec — the Executive Committee of Omicron Zeta, the undergraduate judicial body of the chapter, responsible for enforcing the laws of Lambda Chi Alpha and the rules of the chapter and providing financial and operational oversight to the officers.

FIPG — 1. the Fraternal Information and Programming Group, a consortium of fraternities. 2. “FIPG Guidelines”

FSAC — Fraternity and Sorority Advisory Council, an advisory body of Cornell University alumni, trustees, faculty, undergraduates, and administration members charged with long-term steering of the fraternity and sorority system at Cornell.

General Assembly — the legislative body of Lambda Chi Alpha, where undergraduates and alumni determine the laws and policies of the Fraternity; normally convenes in even-numbered years.

General Fraternity — the organization consisting of all the active bodies of Lambda Chi Alpha, including chapters, colonies, alumni organizations, Grand High Zeta, Student Advisory Committee, Council of 8 Presidents, and the professional staff.

General Meeting — The annual meeting of a corporation. ISWZA Fraternity, the Omicron Alumni Association, and the Edgemoor Leadership Foundation typically hold their annual meetings on Homecoming Weekend, as well as elections.

Good Standing — the status of a chapter or member who is not presently under a disciplinary status.

Grand High Zeta (GHZ) — Lambda Chi Alpha's Board of Directors. Composed of nine officers elected by the General Assembly to serve four-year terms, two selected by the elected Board members to serve two-year terms; two appointed by the Student Advisory Committee to serve a one-year term; and two appointed by the Council of Presidents to serve a one-year term The interpretation of Fraternity laws and policy decisions are executed by the Grand High Zeta between General Assemblies.

Greek 101 — A Cornell-wide seminar for new members of IFC and Panhel organizations, covering hazing and other topics. Formerly known as the Delta Series.

Hazing — any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce physical discomfort or mental discomfort by embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is strictly forbidden in Lambda Chi Alpha, at Cornell University, and in the State of New York.

High Zeta — The collective of the officers of the active chapter, consisting of the High Alpha (President), High Beta (Vice-President), High Gamma (Secretary), High Tau (Treasurer), High Iota (Risk Manager), High Theta (Philanthropy Chair), High Kappa (Fraternity Educator), High Delta (Recruitment Chair), High Phi (Ritualist), High Sigma (Scholarship Chair), High Epsilon (Social Chair), High Rho (Alumni Secretary), Steward, House Manager, Jock (Athletics Chair), and High Pi (Alumni Advisor).

IFC — the Interfraternity Council, the federation which oversees most men's fraternities at Cornell University. The IFC is responsible for organizing formal rush and coordinating relationships among the chapters of NIC fraternities at Cornell.

International Headquarters — the building that houses the Office of Administration, including professional staff, and the Mason Library and Museum. Located in the Indianapolis area.

ISWZA — 1. ISWZA Fraternity, Inc., the house corporation of Omicron Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. 2. The historical I.S.W.Z.A. Society, predecessor of Omicron Zeta.

JIFC — Junior Interfraternity Council, an on-again, off-again organization of the new members of IFC fraternities.

Live-in and Live-out — respectively, undergraduate members who are resident and not resident at the chapter house.

Meal plan — the meal program sponsored by the undergraduate chapter, in which all active members are required to participate.

Member — a man who holds membership in Lambda Chi Alpha. Used to refer to associate members as well as initiated members.

MGLC — the Multicultural Greek Letter Council, the federal which oversees chapters of NPHC organizations at Cornell, including most historically African-American or Latino interest fraternities and sororities.

OAA — Omicron Alumni Association, the official alumni association of Omicron Zeta, consisting of all brothers who were affiliated with the undergraduate chapter.

OSFL — The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, a supervisory administration of Cornell University within Campus & Community Engagement. Previously known as the Office of Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living (OFSIL), the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (OFSA), and the Office of Greek Life.

Panhel — Panhellenic Council, the federation which oversees most sororities at Cornell University, responsible for organizing formal rush and coordinating relationships among the chapters of NPC organizations at Cornell.

Quarter System — A system implemented in the fall of 2012 which divides the academic year into four quarters, with regulations imposed on Greek organizations depending on the quarter. For example, in the first quarter (Orientation through Fall Break), frosh are not permitted at fraternity events with alcohol.

Ritual — 1. the Ritual of Initiation, whereby an aspirant is formally inducted as a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. 2. any official ceremony of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Room picks — the process whereby live-ins for the following academic year select their preferred room assignments, conducted some time after officer elections for the fall semester, after Exec has finalized the number of live-ins and the priority ranking of the brothers.

Rush — 1. Formal rush, the official organized recruitment period for Cornell IFC fraternities, which generally takes place in January during the week before the start of the spring semester. Freshmen cannot join fraternities prior to the Bid Signing at the end of formal rush. 2. New member recruitment in general.

Spring Meeting — The semi-annual board of directors meeting of the OAA, which usually takes place in late March or April. The spring meeting was adopted in 1975 to allow the board to conduct business at a more leisurely pace than at Homecoming, and to have better opportunities for interaction with the undergraduates.

Stead Leadership Seminar — A week-long summer training conference sponsored by the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation. Held in conjunction with General Assembly during GA years, and independently in other years. 

Student Advisory Committee (SAC) — a committee of undergraduate members representing each of the conclave areas who advise and assist the Grand High Zeta and professional staff in their duties and decisions.

Tri-Council — A term for the combined leadership of the Cornell IFC, Panhel, and MGLC.

Zeta — a term used to refer to individual chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha, derived from Zeta Alpha Chi (ZAX), the initials of the words of a secret motto of Lambda Chi Alpha.