Chapter Officers, Spring 2023

Key undergradute officers for the current semester are listed below. For alumni officers, see the Alumni Officers page.

Office Title Name
High Zeta
President High Alpha Rory McIntosh ’24
Vice President High Beta Peter Anagnostopoulos ’25
Community Relations & Philanthropy Chair High Theta Beckett Fine '24
Graham Ross '25
Treasurer High Tau Chris Leon ’25
Secretary High Gamma James Spokes '25
Risk Manager High Iota Sean Griffin '25
Miles Dhalwala '25
Eric Anderson '25
Fraternity Educator High Kappa Steve Snabes '23
Recruitment Chair High Delta Seb Lascola '24
Ritualist High Phi Brenner Beard '24
Scholarship Chair High Sigma Jon Yeung '26
Social Chair High Epsilon James Spokes '25
Bradley Wang '25
Alumni Relations Chair High Rho Jackson Douglas '25
Standards Chair Troy Bailey '23
Diversity & Inclusion Chair Peter Anagnostopoulos '25
House Manager Adam Czosnyka '24
Steward Alex Zadeh '24
Athletic Manager Alex Zadeh '24
Mental Health Chair Graham Ross '25
Sustainability Chair Sean Griffin '25
Alumni Advisor High Pi Jason Cho ’98