Hollengreen Room

Full Name

Milburn A. Hollengreen, Jr. Room

Original House (1896)
Alternative names

West Sitting Room

Card Room

Pool Room

Room Code


To your right as you enter the front door lies the Hollengreen Room, a comfortable social space for brothers and guests. The room has long been used for entertainment, serving as a smoking lounge, card room, billiards hall, and for other social purposes over the decades. On its walls hang photos of brothers from good times past and present, and above the fireplace hangs a detailed carving of the Coat of Arms of Lambda Chi Alpha contributed by R. Paul Williamson '67 for the 2015 renovation.

The room is dedicated to the memory of Milburn A. Hollengreen, Jr. '63 O-974. The son of O-165, he was tragically killed in 1962 in an automobile accident while on Spring Break. Hollengreen's Ghost is said to haunt the chapter house, though sightings have come only from the third floor dorm, from non-initiates.


The west sitting room, part of the original 1896 structure, served as a lounge prior to World War II, where brothers could enjoy a smoke by the fire reading a selection from the Pearce Memorial Library. After the war, it became the card room, where brothers would play bridge on the antique octagon tables, but was somewhat disused until the dedication of the room gave cause (and funds) for its refurbishment. From the 1970s through the mid-2000s, the pool table was located in this room, later moved to the Mitchell Room and replaced with a television until the renovation, when it reverted to use as a sitting room.