Advisor Suite

Prewar Expansions (1916, 1921)
Centennial Expansion (2015)
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Advisor Suite

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As part of the 2015 project, a new ADA-accessible room has been added on the lower level, with an ensuite bathroom and separate entrance. A brother in need of an accessible room can now enjoy the live-in experience like any other. This space may potentially be used in the future as a guest suite for visiting alumni, parents, or national representatives, or as a residence for a live-in advisor.


When the kitchen addition was built in 1916, as was the custom of the day, this space was set aside as servants’ quarters. When Lambda Chi moved in to the house in 1921, a couple lived here, whose names are lost to history: the husband serving as a janitor and handyman and the wife as a cook. Many a cook and houseman followed. But in 1979, unable to fit a new freezer into what had been the food pantry, the brothers moved it into the cook’s room instead, making it the new Steward Closet, a role it held for the next three and a half decades. In the 2015 renovation, it was converted back into an accessible bedroom, with a new bathroom and separate vestibule.