Alumni Volunteer Resources

Alumni volunteer resources have been moved to a private repository. Please contact OAA for more information.

Volunteer Certification

In accordance with Lambda Chi Alpha national guidelines, at-large directors of ISWZA Fraternity and other core volunteers complete a volunteer certification process with the national fraternity. The goals are two-fold: to ensure that volunteers are aware of the policies, procedures, and direction of Lambda Chi Alpha, and to provide basic screening of candidates. There are three items to complete:

  1. Online Affirmation – A pledge on behalf of the alumnus that he has read and will adhere to the policies and procedures of Lambda Chi Alpha.
  2. Self-Disclosure – A profile detailing the experience of the applicant inside and outside ΛXA
  3. Background Check – Third-party background check from Validity Screening Solutions

All three can be completed through the online Lambda Chi Alpha Volunteer Application; contact the High Pi for the link.

The High Pi is appointed by the Grand High Pi. Omicron nominees should complete the application for review: